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50P00 eccentric rotary regulating ball valve

50P00 eccentric rotary regulating ball valve
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The 50P00 Series eccentric rotary regulating ball valve has good versatility, which is because the valve not only has the advantages of easy shut-off and good rigidity of ball valves, but has such features as high efficiency, large volume and adjustment of high adjustable ratio of rotary control valves. In addition, when the valve is opening, the eccentric plug loses contact with the seat, which reduces the wear to the utmost extent. The plug designed according to fluid dynamics effectively eliminates reverse torque and reduces the driving force. The design of the smooth straight-through flow channel provides high flowing capacity for gases, vapors, liquids, pulps, etc.

Compared with the 50V00 Series V-type regulating ball valve, the valve can bear higher differential pressure, but its flow coefficient is a little lower than that of the 50V00 Series valve of the same size.

Parameters of control valves:
Trim features: eccentric structure
Body type: straight-through type
Bonnet type: standard integral type
Flow characteristic: approximately linear
Size: DN15-300(1/2”-12”)
Pressure class: PN1.6、4.0、6.3Mpa(ANSI 150、300、600LB)
Leakage class: ASME B16.104 Ⅳ( metal seat)
ASME B16.104 Ⅵ(soft seal seat)
Pipe connection type: wafer type , flange type
Applicable temperature range: -30C° ~ 550C°
Actuator type: pneumatic diaphragm actuator
pneumatic piston actuator
electric actuator

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