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Safety Check Valve

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• Safety Check Valves operate by using the pressure differential across the valve to operate the valve and spring assembly. The pressure differential is directly related to the flow of air through the valve. 
• When the pressure differential is within the operating limits (below the cutoff flow) of the unit, the force on the valve exerted by the spring is greater than that caused by the pressure 
differential (see open position graphic below). The valve remains open and normal operation continues. 
• When the pressure differential is above the cutoff limit, the force on the valve exerted by the pressure differential is greater than the force exerted by the spring, and the valve closes (see the closed position graphic to the left). 
• After the repair is made, normal operation is automatically enabled when pressure across the valve equalizes through the bleeder hole. 
• The valve spring size can be specified by determining the air flow during normal operation and by estimating the air flow if a failure or rupture occurs.

Sizing the safety shut-off valve:  
1. The safety shut-off valve NPT size must be the same as the nominal I.D. size of the air line on which it is used. Note: Never increase or decrease the hose size from the compressor to the tool or from the compressor to the manifold.
2. One safety shut-off valve must be used on each hose outlet from the manifold.
3. To avoid nuisance cut-off's, the shut-off valve selected should have a cut-off range of 110% of the maximum anticipated air flow to the tool, or tools, to be used.
4. The maximum SCFM of the supply side air line must be above the cut-off range of the valve. The cut-off range of Dixon's shut-off valves is given at 90 PSI. To determine the cut-off range at other PSI's, use the formula or the sample numbers in the Cut-off Rate Chart below to find the flow rate multiplier. Multiply the flow rate multiplier by the numbers in the cut-off flow range column to find the cut-off range at your


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