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Pneumatic valve disassembly and assembly

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Pneumatic ball valve disassembly and assembly:
Pneumatic ball valve has a longer service life and maintenance free period, will depend on several factors: the normal working conditions and maintain a harmonious temperature/pressure ratio, and the reasonable corrosion data. And this among them, hard to avoid because of improper operation, the pneumatic ball valve maintenance. And we can get together to meet its maintenance knowledge. In order to learn later, they can solve some problems.
1), packing need to lock; If you have a tiny leakage happened at stuffing box, you must lock again stem nut; Be careful not to lock is too tight, usually lock ~ 1 1/4 circle again, leak will stop.
2), replace seat and seal.
A, the removal of the pneumatic ball valve
Make the valve in a partially open position, washing, removal of body inside and outside of possible dangerous substances.
Close the ball valve, pull down on both sides of the flange connection bolts and nuts, and completely removing the valve from the pipeline.
In order to remove drive mechanism - actuators, connecting bracket, washer, stem nut, butterfly shrapnel, south, wear-resisting, stem packing.
Remove the cover body connection bolts and nuts, separate the bonnet and valve body, and remove the valve cover gasket.
Confirm the ball in the "off" position, it can be easier from the body out, then remove the seat.
In the valve body hole nudge stem until completely remove down, and then remove the o-rings and valve stem packing.
Note: please carefully operation, in order to avoid scratch gland sealing surface of valve stem and valve body parts
B, pneumatic ball valve
Clean and check the removed parts, strongly recommend wrapped spare parts to replace the valve seat, valve cover gasket seals, etc
According to remove the opposite order of assembly.
Use specified torque, cross lock bolt flange connection.
Use specified torque, locking stem nut.
C, after installation of actuators, the corresponding input signal through the rotary valve rod drives the valve core to rotate, the valve to open and closed position.
If possible, please return to the pipe before, according to relevant standards to pressure seal valve testing and performance testing.
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